Scoping issue publics

In this project, we pursue the possibilities of using digital methods to make ’issue publics’ visible and we study what it requires to make such publics have an impact on political processes. The concept of ’issue publics’ is grounded in pragmatic philosophy and it denotes the idea that the relevant public to consult on a given issue is the affected public rather than a representative sample of the population. 
More specifically, we explore whether and how visualizations of issue publics can play a role in more established practices of ’public-making’ such as surveys and public engagement processes.We pursue this question through the following two research activities.
First, we do the empirical analysis of the way issue publics debate on the web. For instance, we are working on understanding the Twitter-mediated debate about the killing of Marius the Giraffe in Copenhagen zoo in 2014 (look here).

Secondly, we collaborate with European leaders on public engagement processes on integrating digital methods into the established toolkit (look here).