The Techno-Anthropology Lab at the University of Aalborg (campus Copenhagen) offers a hands-on workspace where students and researchers develop innovative approaches to the study of science and technology in society. We work at the intersection between new digital methods, co-design and ethnography, and collaborate with a variety of public and private partners to ensure the viability of our solutions.  

A key focal point for the lab is to engage experimentally with tools and methods for harvesting and analyzing messy social data online. As part of these efforts we organize design workshops and tool exploratoriums around an evolving portfolio of projects. If you have ideas or suggestions, want to collaborate with us, need help, or seek advice, we encourage you to join in and take part.

Our goal is to provide a free range test ground for collaboratively working out what a techno-anthropologist could be and do. Together with our students, their future employers, and our research partners we are building the techno-anthropological playground.

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