Torben Elgaard Jensen

Torben Elgaard Jensen is a professor in Techno-Anthropology and Science & Technology Studies at Aalborg University Copenhagen. He teaches about ... He is also the leader of the Techno-Anthropology Research Group.


Associated organisations


The Techno-Anthropology Research Group

The Techno-Anthropology (TANT) group researches key processes of social and technical innovation that are critical to the challenges facing contemporary and future societies. Complicated societal issues are unlikely to be solved by technical fixes. We therefore believe that workable solutions and a responsible development of technology must build on the active consideration of social relations, the engagement of users, and an in-depth understanding of the complexities of technology-in-use.

Ethnographic Future Making: Datafication, ENvironment and Infrastructures

This group conducts techno-anthropological and ethnographic research in the diverse fields of infrastructures, data systems and environmental studies, and develops techno-anthropological perspectives on urban development, datafication, climate change and sustainability.

Department of Learning and Philosophy

The Department of Learning and Philosophy operates on an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty basis. The mission of the Department is to do research, development and teaching in the areas of education, learning and philosophy, within the educational system as well as in public and private organisations.

The Faculty of Humanities 

Aalborg University Copenhagen