Sigrid Sturlason

Sigrid Sturlason is a Master thesis student associated with current research being conducted at the TANTLab. She has a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and she took a turn in the direction of Techno-Anthropology when she became interested in studying the human implications of the ways in which the built environments are designed and innovated. Her project portfolio span across projects concerned with logistic infrastructures (such as waste management) that intervene in people’s daily lives, responsible design of IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City solutions for energy consumption management, as well as the social dynamics of enhancing interdisciplinarity in engineering work. She has a general motivation for paving a way for sustainable innovation in the building industry in every sense of the word, and aspires to work with actors on many levels, developing new processes for measuring the social aspects of building technologies.

Current research project

As part of the three-year research project led by Anders Koed Madsen, Sigrid is studying methods of digitally tracing social interactions on different media platforms in the process of measuring public life in an urban setting. The premise for the study is that social interactions with the city happens both on social media and in ‘real life’. Thus, the design of engagement options on digital platforms might influence the real-life engagements with the city and vice versa – social media becomes an embodied way of being and living in the city, which is why social media is also a plausible realm in which to do ethnography.