Mathias Braad Petersen

Scholar of Techno-Anthropology, Mathias is currently writing his Master Thesis related to a current research at TANTlab. He holds a bachelor degree in European Ethnology from the University of Copenhagen. He decided to study Techno-Anthropology because to some extent, European Ethnology and Techno-Anthropology have a shared conception of materiality, and he is interested in the various ways our technological surroundings are entangled in our everyday practice. In his humble attempt to comprehend the rapid development of digital technology, Mathias has a particular interest in digital methods. Therefore, he is also curious about expanding his methodological apparatus by constantly looking for new digital tools to familiarize himself with.

Current research project

Mathias is writing his Master Thesis in collaboration with The Royal Danish Theater, and in association with a research project led by Anders Kristian Munk. The thesis deals with developing new ways to study the value of culture, where culture produced by The Royal Danish Theater is used as the case. The study is conducted by using digital methods to curate datasets and analyze content from Instagram related to events and performances of The Royal Danish Theatre. Drawing on the knowledge he obtained through the course Mapping Controversies on the 8th semester of the MSc in Techno-Anthropology, his stay at the Digital Methods Winter School at University of Amsterdam and the emerging interdisciplinary field of valuation studies, he approaches the analysis of user created content on social media by exploring co-occurance of content on images and hashtags. In doing so, he curates datasets with offset in specific location ID and hashtags related to The Royal Danish Theater to analyze and discuss how culture is ascribed value and how cultural value is assessed. Some of the digital tools Mathias is using to conduct his project are: Clarifai Vision AI, Gephi, DMI’s Instagram Scraper and Python Scripts