Louise Romain

Louise Romain is the student assistant of the Techno-Anthropology research group. She has been in charge of updating the homepages of the TANT Lab and of TANT, as well as organizing community events, such as the tool lunches. With her skills in photography, filming and video-editing, she has been engaged in disseminating work being done at the lab, the activities of the researchers as well as external guests. She did a serie of mini-interviews and short videos on different data sprints (all video can be watched on our vimeo account).

Louise is in her second year at the MSc in Techno-Anthropology. She aspires to gain knowledge on current global challenges faced by humanity, and on the diversity of human and non-human cultures. She is particularly passionate about how to bridge academic research with socio-political action, through artistic and technological means. She strives to apply my knowledge in settings where interdisciplinarity, ethical values and privileges are reflected upon, engaging in different cultural contexts.

Since 2016, she has been working on Circle of Voices, a research project in digital anthropology centered on the cultural revitalization of young First Nations in Quebec. 

Current research project

Circle of Voices is a research project in digital anthropology centered on the cultural revitalization of young First Nations in Quebec. Together with women from the Nehirowisiw (Atikamekw), Abenaki and Wolastoq (Maliseet) Nations, we explored how they connect back to their cultures. The project includes the following activities: participatory photography workshops (PhotoVoice), sharing circles, sound recordings, video clips of traditional practices, inter-generational dance workshops (fancy shawl), and biographical narratives with the youth and with knowledge holders. The multimedia contents of the research are divided in four themes: land, language, art and spirituality, and they can be accessed through the non-linear interactive platform.

The vision of the project is to counteract the demeaning representations of Indigenous cultures and identities, as well as to contribute to the digitalization and the dissemination of Indigenous knowledge and rights.

On social media (Facebook and Instagram), Circle of Voices aims to bring educational awareness about the situation of Indigenous women, youths, and more broadly Indigenous rights. There is a wish to uphold stories of pride, resilience and hope for Indigenous youth.




louise [at ]circleofvoices [dot] com