Anders Grundtvig

Anders Grundtvig is a Master student in Techno-Anthropology.

The data deluge and online traceability invite social scientists to computational tools and digital methods to gasps the comprehensive existence of traceable data. But when new methods and tools allow the researcher to investigate phenomena from a macro perspective eg. with a massive relational network with social media data, created in front of their computer in their warm and safe office chairs - what space and opportunities do it give the more anthropological qualitative methods? Anders is trying to answer this question through conducting fieldworks where data visualization is turned away from being the "finding" and instead used as a elicitation device in qualitative situations. He uses visualizations as elicitation techniques in the field, as a method to stimulate conversations and obtain insights from the field while being in it.

Current research project

Open Government Data is a merging valuable data source. But it is costly to manage databases and upload new datasets, so what is the interesting data to upload and manage? In this project, Anders is investigating this question while looking at the barriers that open data users are facing when trying to implement this open data in their business or research. As part of his Master Thesis, he is using data visualizations and actual Open Government Data to stimulate and create new creative qualitative interview spaces, where thick user-insights - hopefully - can emerge.