Adrienne Mannov

Adrienne Mannov is a social anthropologist, interested in perceptions of and practices surrounding security. Her ethnographic research at sea and on land has focused on:
- data security, data citizenship, datafication, cyber-physical systems and cryptography
- labor rights, AI and automation
- shipping, globalization, sovereignties, existential security, and maritime piracy
- mapping of social and political space, human geography, religious identity, and violent conflict

Current research project

In the SECURE project (Secure Estimation and Control Using Recursion and Encryption) I work together with automation and control engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and other anthropologists to explore ethics and issues of trust and security in new ICT platforms, algorithms and secure computation technologies. See more here.

Kroghsstræde 3, 4.251 
Aalborg, Denmark

+45 22464978