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Digital Media during Corona - Research Project

What role do digital media play in your everyday life during the corona crisis?

Last modified: 28.04.2020

Brit Ross Winthereik and Anders Munk follow questions around techno-cultural change during the Corona crisis with their team from Aalborg University and ITU Copenhagen. The idea is to create a collective archive for the future, to help us understand the role of digital media in Denmark under the crisis. Everything from cultural events, social gatherings, (care) work to schooling is part of the agenda. More news will follow!

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Participating research team:


Project leader: Anders Kristian Munk 

Research support: Alberte Bau Larsen, Anders Grundtvig​, Anders Koed Madsen, Andreas Birkbak, Anestis Amanatidis, Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen, Corinna Voll, Emil Buch Jacobsen​​, Georgios Natsios​, Johan Irving Søltoft​, Jonas Falzarano Jessen​, Kristian Holst Kristiansen, Mads Stærk Christensen, Morten Christian Heuser, Pauline Lindskov Sachs​, Torben Elgaard Jensen


Project leader: Brit Ross Winthereik ​

Research support: Irina Papazu, Lara Tatjana Reime​, Laura Na Blankholm, Lotte Schack, Katja Sara Pape de Neergaard, Ronja Mannov Olesen, Yancé-Myah Antonio Harrison