Tools & Methods

At TANT-Lab we experiment with a range of tools for harvesting, organizing, analyzing and visualizing messy social data. Most of the tools are developed in open source communities by our international collaborators. We host forked versions of some of them as part of our share in the server collaboration Copenhagen Association for Digital Methods (CADM). Increasingly, we are also engaged in the adaptation of tools and scripts for project specific purposes. Our goal is always to test the applications and affordances of a tool in different techno-anthropological research contexts. Below you can explore the list of tools we use and the reasons why we like them.


How do I get started?

We make a point of finding and working with tools that are open source and free to use. Some of them will require a setup on your own server, but many of them can be accessed directly online. If you are a student, consider taking the digital methods elective on the techno-anthropology bachelor, or the mapping controversies course on the master programme. We also encourage you to show up at our Open Lab Tuesday afternoons in term time, or to join one of our Late Night Data sessions once a month. Tool exploratiums, guest lectures and workshops will be announced here.

Follow our Vimeo Channel

We regularly produce basic tool tutorials for students and newcomers. We also curate a collection of tutorials produced by others. Watch them here: 


The Copenhagen Association of Digital Methods (CADM) is a server collaboration set up to support digital research in the social sciences in general, and the Danish courses in controversy mapping in particular. It currently involves research groups at Aalborg University, the University of Copenhagen, the IT University, and the University of Aarhus. The main purpose of the collaboration is to host and make available serverside tools for digital research, such as webcrawlers or platforms for social media analysis. 

For more info about CADM please contact Torben Elgaard Jensen or Anders Kristian Munk.