Markus Rothmüller

TANT LAb Student Worker Techno-Anthropology


Please Introduce Yourself...

I am Markus, currently studying the MSc. Techno-Anthropology and assisting Anders Munk with all sorts of activities surrounding the TANT Lab. Mainly, I help with the set up of online content and the organisation of different TANT Lab events.


What is your research focus?

Research as part of my master programme

Academically, I focus on the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and interactions between AVs and other - mainly vulnerable - road users like pedestrians and cyclists. After two semesters of self-structured research surrounding that topic, some of my proejct colleagues and I will enter a EU-research project related to AVs.

Research with the tant Lab

In a more business anthropological perspective, I have been focusing on the engagement of employees, cultural aspects of knowledge management and the facilitation of design and prototyping for a new knowledge management platform.