Anders Grundtvig

Student Researcher


Last modified: 30.06.2017

Please Introduce yourself...

I'm Anders, not the coding one to call if you need help but always ready to investigate and discuss the given field with use of digital interactions but also human interactions. My field of investigation will mostly be within science, philosophy of science if you will. And that is also why I am trying to map out how malaria research has developed. I am very interested in the collaboration between fields and very interested in how we can learn from each other.


What is your field of research?

The evolution of Malaria

Together with a Human Biologist am I producing some simple networks that shows how the evolution of malaria research has changed the past 20 years. We are mapping out how specific terms are connected and are forming clusters that represented fields of research.

A Field guide to fake news

How can we use digital methods to investigate the circulation of fake news online?

As a part of the Public Data Lab, TANT-Lab has contributed with the development of A Field Guide to Fake News in the spring of 2017. We have participated in a data sprint in Amsterdam as well as facilitated one in Copenhagen on the subject.